Our Quality Products can be seen and purchased at
Produce and Garden Center
1956 S Morey Rd (M55)
Lake City, MI
Pure Filtered Beeswax
1 oz bars    $1.25 each
1 pound (chunks) $11.50

Quality Wood Products
Handcrafted in Michigan, USA
Wood Wax
3 oz jars $5.25each
Hardwood Rolling Pins
         $25.00 each
Butcher Block Oil
We are also a Reseller of Quality Rada Knives and Knife sets
         Rada Knives
Made in the USA
(polished stainless steel handles)
Regular Paring (R101)     $4.50 each
(3 1/4" blade)
Utility Steak (R104)          $5.00each
(4 7/8" blade)
Stubby Butcher (R106)     $7.50 each
(5 3/8" blade)
French Chef (R131)          $14.75 each
(8 1/2" blade)
(Above Knives also available with durable black plastic handle)

Filet w/Scabbard (R200)  $19.00 each
(7 1/8" blade)
Sportsman w/Scabbard
(5 1/4" blade)
(R210)   $19.00 each
Filet w/Scabbard & Sharpener
(S08)       $25.00
(Filet & Sportsman come with a durable black plastic handle)
We also carry the complete line of quality Rada Knives and Knife sets
(Quantity discounts available)
e-mail for a free catalogue and price list)
Letter Openers    $10.00 each
Bullet Pen Kits   
(uses a 308 or 3006 cartridge)
Copper             $7.75 each
Hardwood Cutting Boards

Handcrafted in Michigan with Maple, Cherry, Walnut, and Ash

9x11x1     $15.00 each
9x16x1     $20.00 each
12x22x1   $25.00 each
Slimline Pen Kits   $3.75 each
Available in:
Black Chrome Black Enamel
Buy 10 for $34.00
(wood pen blanks not included in pen kits)
         Completed Pens
308 Bullet Pen   $18.50 each
3006 Bullet Pen  $18.50 each
50 Cal Bullet Pen   $25.00 each
Slim Pens   $12.50 each
Turning Blanks available
Ash       2x2x12      $2.50 each
              2x2x24     $4.75 each
              2x2x36     $7.25 each
              2x6x6       $5.00 each
Cherry  2x2x12      $2.50 each
               2x2x24     $4.75 each
Maple   2x2x12     $2.50 each
Walnut   2x2x12    $3.50 each
Pen Blanks
1x1x5 & 3/4x3/4x5
Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ash, White Oak, Red Oak
$.50 each
Purpleheart Pen Blanks
$1.25 each  10/$11.00
Cigar Pen Kits
(Gold)           $5.75 each
Wholesale Pricing Available
(e-mail for terms and prices)